I don't love this city, but it made me love photography



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19042012-DSCF3260_ff by Pan paniscus
19042012-DSCF3260_ff, a photo by Pan paniscus on Flickr.

Ritorno dal lavoro, autunno

Lavoratori e foglie in autunno sono lontani da casa. Entrambi talvolta sembrano provare a ritornarci, ma nessuno dei due ha alcuna discrezionalità sull’impresa.

Back from work, autumn

(la tv è accesa?)

Bus stop

Il pendolare è un po’ come il contadino, non è che può dire ‘no, oggi non è giornata’.


She asked me to capture the mood of the day, I tried to.



Early morning








Face to face with indignation

Milano, Duomo square.

After the event, the hoardings are there for the cerebral couch potatoes. A tiny doubt maybe arises: “are protestors totally crazy?”. “Am I missing something?”

Indignatos Milano

“Indignatos”. “You are the slackers. You pay”

Indignatos Milano

“Give us back….”

Indignatos Milano - Facing

“Indignatos”. “Give the future back to us”.

Indignatos & disgusted

“Indignatos and disgusted”

The style of the taxi driver


Walking on sunshine

Or better: “going to work on sunshine”.

It’s the main square of Milan, the bigger and also -probably- the only attraction for tourists.

It’s a good place to go early morning. It’s a luck if you have to pass here on your way to work. And I’m very happy I have to!

This is a sculpture by Pietro Consagra (Trapani, 1920 – Milan, 2005). His art aims to “”Express the dramatic rhythm of modern life”.

More about him here.

This is “Palazzo reale”. Only cops -or people considered special- can drive here.

Rrising again from the metro

Like actors on a break

Someone stands still back in the shadow, someone wanders on the stage.

Life is all about empty moments between a few actions. Actions that may affect your future empty moments.

Actions that maybe will occur on the stage of some street photographer!